During high season one can sit on your terrace/patio and listen to the voices of tourists walking the streets. Take a walk to your choice of restaurant and enjoy the warm summer evenings.

We recommend dining not too late.  Let us book your table in advance. Ask your hostess for recommendations.

Restaurants nearby:

  • Koornlands (next door)
  • La Sosta (200 m opposite the road)
  • Powell House (150 m opposite the road)
  • Old Mill (1,5 km or 2 min drive)
  • De Companjie (1,5 km and 4 min drive)
  • Field and Fork (2 km and 5 min drive)
  • Augusta De Mist Country kitchen(1,6 km and 5 min)


  • Barrel & Blues Pub and Bistro (1,3 km and 4 min drive)
  • Elements Restaurant and Bar (1,8 km and 5 min drive)